Thursday, July 31, 2008

Whose Shoes Were Those?

    by Jo Robertson

    Hi, readers, just so you won't stumble in shoe ignorance forever, let me tell you who's wearing what shoes in the photos from Annabelle's Bistro.

    Scroll down to the bottom of Wednesday's blog. In the top photo, Bandita Kim, aka KJ Howe, is wearing red patent leathers with an ankle strap. Tres chic!

    Next, we have Tawny Weber wearing beautiful red strappy shoes. These actually look quite comfortable!

    And finally, there's Vrai Anna Sugden in a gorgeous pair of black and white wedged shoes with a peep-toe and a running-stitch ribbon around the edges. Rumor has it that VA chose the shoes to match the restaurant's tile flooring, but we couldn't confirm that. However, Vrai wore a lovely hot pink polkadot pair of shoes to the Bandita Bash Wednesday night.

    Everyone looked beautiful in her shoes, but by the end of the day, I envied those conference attendees who'd worn sensible and sturdy tennis shoes. My blisters have blisters on them!
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Fashion War: Blake Lively vs Valeisha Butterfield

    Spotted:Valeisha Butterfield and Blake Lively in the same Herve Leger Dress

    Actress Valeisha Butterfield wore the black and gray Herve Leger dress at the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network's Fifth Annual Action Awards at Capitale last February 25, 2008 in New York City. Meanwhile, Gossip Girl star Blake Lively dressed into the same dress during the shooting of Gossip Girl TV series at the STK restaurant in New York City last Tuesday.

    Who wore it best?

    B. Blake

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Christina Aguilera By The Wall Of Flowers In Macy's 150th Anniversary Ad

    I've never been to Macy's store (obviously) but seeing Christina Aguilera in the store's campaign ad, I decided to write a post about it.

    According to Pop Crunch, as Macy's celebrates its 150th anniversary this October, celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein were commissioned to pose and have their photos taken by famed Rolling Stone photographer Mark Seliger for a series of commemorative photos.

    For a start, Christina Aguilera had a photo in a stunning vibrant dress by a wall of flowers.

    She looks good in this photo but I just wish that it was somebody else's face. How about you?

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Party in San Fran!

    By Kirsten "I'm tired already!" Scott

    Day Two of the Conference and I'm already pooped! Too many parties, too little time, right my little chook? Er...chook? Chook? WHERE IS THAT DAMN ROOSTER NOW?! What? Jeanne has him? And Cassondra? At the same time?

    Well, you'll have to see if you can find him, ladies. I think he's somewhere in San Francisco. Let me know if you spot him, okay?

    While I'm off trying to find our beloved cock (a-doodle-do), here are some pictures of our Banditas and buddies from RWA nationals.

    Here's Banditas Donna and Beth signing at the Readers for Life Literacy Event, and Joan welcoming all the readers to come visit our signing Banditas!

    Can you recognize these Bandita Buddies?

    And as promised, some random incriminating shots of Banditas at play:

    Cassondra the balloon fairy:

    Susan, slow down! Leave some for the rest of us!

    So, are you enjoying your week! Any stories to report thus far? Any chook sightings?
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China Olympics Fashion Influence

    "One World One Dream", this is the theme of the upcoming 2008 Beijing (China) Olympics which will be held on August 8-24, 2008. As of today, China and other countries seems to be Olympic-themed and focused when it comes to fashion. Vogue and Harper's Bazaar magazines as well as Polo and Adidas comapanies set up a fashion shoot, presented campaign ads and created special collections to follow the crowd.

    For China Vogue August 2008 Issue:
    The magazine seems to be having some fun with their idea of Olympic fashion. The following shots are remarkable because of a fine selection of exquisite and colorful sporty apparel and sports equipment.

    For Harper's Bazaar:
    Lucy Lui have teamed up with Harper’s Bazaar to create an Olympic themed spread. The photos aimed to demonstrate that it doesn't matter whether you lose or win, it's how you dressed that counts.

    For Adidas: According to Adidas, Impossible is Nothing because:
    • I never lift alone.
    • Alone I jump, together we soar.
    • Ever seen a nation fly?
    • I run with 600 million legs.
    • They see me, but they'll feel us.
    • No one gets up when a whole country kicks.

    For Polo:
    Inspired by the rich past of the Olympic Games, Polo Ralph Lauren brings an elegant and contemporary style to the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams. The collection offers casual sportswear styles in patriotic combinations of red, white and blue adorned with the U.S. Olympic Team and iconic Polo Pony logos that Olympic fans will surely adore.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gossips About Gossip Girl TV Series and The Fashion That Comes Along With It

    I came to know Gossip Girl TV series through a blog of a Filipina celebrity where she cited Blair Waldorf's fashionable outfits. After reading her post, I got curious with the series so I do some online search and finally watched the whole Season 1 episode.

    I admit that I am so into it because of the show's fashion statement. Outfits of Blair, Serena, Lily, Jenny and others appealed to me so much that I enjoyed watching it. I can't just can't get enough with the crested blazers, layered polo shirts, kilts, argyle sweaters, daazling jewelries, plaids,knee socks, high boots and most of all headbands!

    It's good to hear the news that the Gossip Girl's 2nd season will be aired on September 1. However, amidst the "much anticipation" of fashionistas and glamoristas, "Gossip Girl" is getting lots of attention because of its sexy new ad campaign that depicts its main characters in steamy situations with negative quotes from the Boston Herald ("Every Parent's Nightmare"), the Parents Television Council ("Mind-Blowingly Inappropriate"), the New York Post ("A Nasty Piece of Work") and the San Diego Union Tribune ("Very Bad for You").

    As for me, inspite of the critics and negative comments, I will continue to watch closely at what Blair and Serena will be wearing for the rest of the season. Why? Because I'm already 25 years old and I'm totally old enough to be subjected under Parental Guidance..hehehe

    By the way, Gossip Girl has already an online store where you can find your fave outfit worn by your fave character.

    Here's a slideshow of the Gossip Girl stars with definitely superb outfit:

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Girly Girls and Kick-Ass Shoes

    by Jo Robertson

    Reporting to you LIVE from the Twenty-eighth National Conference of Romance Writers of America in San Francisco.

    Word on the streets is that the women are beautiful and the men . . . well, largely the men are absent. This is pretty much Estrogen City this week, aka the City by the Bay.

    San Francisco.

    The city of little cable cars that climb halfway to the stars.

    The city that features Alcatraz and Lombard Street.

    Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39.

    The city where you just might leave your heart.

    And you know what? In all those movies set in New York where working girls wear tennis shoes with their designer suits and dresses, then change into their designer shoes when they get to work?

    Not so much in The City. People are still crazy enough to drive their cars in San Francisco, one of the cities with the highest insurance rates in the nation. And tourists wear shorts or jeans, sweat shirts and, you got it, some kind of walking shoes.

    In fact, I’m not even sure people actually WORK in San Francisco.

    Maybe they just buy beautiful shoes and ship them to New York.

    Tonight the Banditas gathered at Annabelle's, a charming bistro across from the hotel and later assembled in the baaaarrrr for their first annual mee . . . uh, part . . . uh, oh hell, let’s call a spade a spade.

    The First Annual Wild Bash of Girly Girls and Kick-Ass Shoes.

    Our Aussie, English, and Canadian Banditas are here, weathering distance and airline food -- or the lack thereof -- to join our congregation. We have our Southern Banditas, our native Californians, and our Midwesterners. But the thing we all have in common (besides a whoop-ass attitude and a love of reading and writing romance) is . . .

    Drum roll please . . .


    Okay, some of the smarter Banditas wore tennies to negotiate the streets of San Fran, but others wore something like the ones below and to the right.

    These shoes are a few of my favorites. Now, I don't actually OWN any of these shoes; the Manola Blahnik eyelet shoes and the Mary Jane double straps below are darling, aren't they? The Naughty Monkeys -- the pink and gray plaid -- are fairly inexpensive, but the Manola Blahniks are pricey.

    As you know, it’s all about the shoes. Just ask Vrai Anna and Tawny! If we can’t wear them ourselves, we gawk at them and admire them on the b
    eautiful feet of the stylish women who can wear them.

    No outfit is complete without the proper pair of shoes, including jeans and walking shorts, dresses and suits.

    And for that reason we’ve posted what three Banditas are wearing tonight on their feet tonight. Excuse the fuzzy piccies.

    Can you match each correct Bandita w
    ith the pair of shoes she’s wearing?

    ile, we’re kicking back, taking in a little wine, seeing the beautiful sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge, and

    enjoying our gal pals and their kick-ass shoes!

    So, do you have a favorite shoe experience? That perfect pair with the five-inch heels that killed your feet but were so worth it? Your wedding shoes that wore a blister on your heel? The most comfortable pair of shoes that you cried over when they finally fell apart? Tell us all!
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Late Booty Call

    Those of you who commented during Karen Kendall's and Patricia Rice's visits may be wondering who won the booty. The month has flown by, and I forgot to post either of them. Apologies to all concerned! Drum roll, please . . .

    The winner of Karen Kendall's Take Me If You Can is Natalie Hatch. Natalie, please email Karen via her website: Karen AT KarenKendall DOT com.

    The winner of Patricia Rice's Mystic Guardian is Buffie! Buffie, please mail Pat through her website, readers2 AT patriciarice DOT com.

    They're both at RWA and may or may not have computer access, so don't worry if you don't hear back right away.

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by, both for your comments and for your patience. Have a great week, everyone!Source URL:
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Monday, July 28, 2008

And They're Off!

    Okay, Bandita Buddies. This is it. The Big Ticket. Our Annual Event.

    The Banditas have left the Lair.

    For the next five days, if you're looking for us, you'll find us at the Romance Writers of America's Annual Conference in San Francisco. We'll be stalking agents & editors, hanging out with old friends at the bar, attending workshops, hanging out with new friends at the bar, stalking our favorite authors, hanging out with total strangers at the bar...

    You get the idea. :-)

    Hope we see some of you there! But if San Fran wasn't in your budget this year, keep visiting us here in the Lair this week. The josh hasrey have your back. We have cameras & internet access, so check this page over the next couple of days for breaking news, interesting tidbits, the latest gossip & possibly some of the coolest shoes ever. (That'll make sense in a couple days, promise.)

    And stay tuned also to RWA's website on Saturday night, where the winners of the Golden Heart & RITA awards will be posted in real time. Anna Campbell is a double RITA finalist, Susan Seyfarth is a double Golden Heart finalist & Kim Howe is a Golden Heart finalist. Our own Louisa Cornell has a horse in the Golden Heart race as well, so keep an eye on this site:

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