Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's going to be a Mini Cooper S!

    I can hardly contain my excitement! We ordered my Mini a few weeks ago and I just find out that it will be arriving in about two weeks! I wasn't expecting it until the end of July / beginning of August so I am happy that the torturous wait will soon be over.

    Here is what I am getting.

    The Mini Cooper S - 184 hp is a lot for a small car!

    As an automatic because it is simply easier in the city. (Forgive me, boys! But I will still be able to shift gears with paddles on the steering wheel - like F1 drivers, sort of! And for the record, I can drive a manual.)

    With black leather sport seats! (instead of the white leather/black cloth combination offered with this model. In my first assessment it was either the S or leather seats, hence the big deal.)

    It will have a fantastic Harman Kardon hi-fi system.

    The colour is an elegant white silver metallic, which is only available for the Camden (a limited edition 50th birthday model). I love the pinstripes on the mirror caps.

    For those interested, I have included a list of features for the Camden. Other extras we have ordered include sun protection glass, park distance control, heated seats, adapters for the iPhone / iPod and I'm not sure what else... 

    This is so amazing for me because I still remember my first car. I was a university student and happy to have a car at all but it only had a cassette player with crap speakers, ugly cloth seats, no power steering and how could I forget what a struggle it was to drive uphill! 

    What was your first car like?
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